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How NYSARC Trust Services Can Help Seniors - CBS 6 Albany, NY

NYSARC Trust Services' Chief Operating Officer, Heidi Flatt, CPA CGMA, discusses how a pooled trust can help seniors qualify for Medicaid and get care at home with Heather Kovar of CBS6 Albany, NY.

Pooled income trusts can help with the bills - Queens Chronicle

“It is a tremendous value to those who need community long-term care, home healthcare, and don’t think that they’re eligible for Medicaid,” said Irina Yadgarova, an elder care attorney in Rego Park.

Although pooled income trusts are particularly valuable for people who earn a middle-class or lower middle-class income, they are also sometimes useful for those with much higher incomes. In many cases, Yadgarova said, “They’re eligible, with trust planning, but they don’t know about it.”

What's a Pooled Trust? A Way to Avoid the Nursing Home - New York Times

"Here's how it works: a federal law established in 1993 allows disabled people to put their monthly income or assets — above the amounts Medicaid allows them to keep — into a special type of pooled trust."

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