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Third Party Pooled Trust

The NYSARC Third Party Community Trust is an irrevocable pooled supplemental needs trust (SNT) that is established and funded by a family member, friend, or other interested third party, known as the Donor.

The purpose of this trust is to assist families in providing for the future needs of a loved one with a disability while preserving that person’s financial eligibility for vital means-tested government benefits.

A NYSARC Third Party Community Trust can help you:

  • Protect and preserve your loved one’s financial eligibility for benefits
  • Plan for their future needs
  • Provide the means to improve their quality of life
  • Safeguard funds to be spent appropriately and wisely
  • Experience the benefits of professional trust administration

Visit the Third Party Community Trust documents page for more information.

How to Fund the Trust?

You can fund the trust today with a minimum of $10,000, but you do not have to fund the trust immediately. Most trust accounts are funded through the Donor's will, estate plan, life insurance policy, or employee benefit. The trust can also be funded during the Donor's lifetime by a gift, bequest, or inheritance.

Why establish a NYSARC Third Party Community Trust?

This trust is primarily used to help protect a person's financial eligibility for Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and other means-tested government benefits.

The financial limits for these programs are relatively low, so receiving even a modest inheritance from someone could put them over the financial limits to qualify for these programs.

Families who establish a NYSARC Third Party Community Trust receive the benefits of working with professionally trained trustees and the cost savings and efficiency of a pooled trust.

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