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Using a Pooled Trust for Medicaid Eligibility

Qualify for Medicaid Benefits and Long-term Care

Did you know that Medicaid benefits will cover home care and other long-term care services? The challenge is that most seniors who need Medicaid benefits have too much monthly income to qualify.

To meet Medicaid’s income limit, you have to spend-down any excess monthly income on qualified medical expenses or pay that money to Medicaid to help cover the costs of your care. This can make it almost impossible for people to stay in their home with a single person only getting to keep about $954 a month. 

In New York State, people with disabilities and adults over age 65 can deposit their income spend-down, or "surplus" income, into a pooled trust

Pooled Trust for Medicaid Income Spend-down

NYSARC’s Community Trust II is a pooled supplemental needs trust that allows people with disabilities and qualifying adults to become financially eligible for Medicaid so that they can receive community health benefits and long-term care services. 

To use the money you deposit into the trust, you submit requests to pay bills and make purchases that are for your primary benefit. This enables people to live at home for as long as possible.

Watch this video to learn how Lois, of Rensselaer, New York, used a NYSARC Community Trust II to get care at home and avoid going into a nursing home! Contact us to learn more or call (518) 439-8323.


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