Third Party Pooled Trust

Protect Assets for People with Disabilities

The NYSARC Third Party Community Trust is an irrevocable pooled supplemental needs trust (SNT) that is established and funded by a family member, friend, or other interested third party, known as the Donor.

The purpose of this trust is to assist families in providing for the future needs of a loved one with a disability while preserving that person’s financial eligibility for vital means-tested government benefits.

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How to Fund the Trust?

You can fund the trust today with a minimum of $10,000, but you do not have to fund the trust immediately. Most trust accounts are funded through the Donor’s will, estate plan, life insurance policy, or employee benefit. The trust can also be funded during the Donor’s lifetime by a gift, bequest, or inheritance.

Unfunded accounts must pay a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee and a nominal annual administrative fee to maintain the account. Monthly administrative fees begin once the account is funded. Monthly fees are deducted from the balance of the trust.

Why establish a NYSARC Third Party Community Trust?

A supplemental needs trust (SNT) is an essential financial planning tool for people with disabilities who need to preserve their eligibility for means-tested government benefit programs, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Medicaid.

These vital programs can make dramatic improvements to a person’s quality of life, while the funds in a trust can pay for life-enhancing and supplemental needs that a person’s benefits do not provide.

Families who establish a NYSARC Third Party Community Trust receive personalized service from a professionally trained non-profit organization and a financial institution who serves as co-trustee to manage trust investments.

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Case Study

Plan for the Future

MaryAnn is a mother with two children. Her son is bipolar and unable to work or live independently without support. He receives Medicaid benefits and may need SSI in the future. He and his sister are not very close and MaryAnn is concerned about who will manage a trust for her son when she dies and can no longer support him financially.

The Third-Party Community Trust is an irrevocable pooled trust that is managed by a non-profit organization. She establishes the trust and works with an attorney to name the trust in her estate planning documents and as the beneficiary of assets that her son will inherit. This way he will have money available to do things like, travel, take art classes, and other life-enhancing purchases that his benefits do not provide.

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