Third Party Special Needs Trust

NYSARC Trust Unrestricted Fund

The NYSARC Trust (Unrestricted Fund) is a third-party supplemental needs trust (SNT) funded by a parent, grandparent or other interested party who would like to provide assets to a loved one with an intellectual and/or developmental disability.

If your child receives services through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and/or Medicaid or may need benefits in the future, saving money can be a challenge because of the resource limits for those programs. Receiving even a small inheritance from someone could put your child over the limit and jeopardize his or her eligibility for services.

When planning for the future of a loved one with a disability, a special needs trust (SNT) can play a critical role in your child’s financial future while helping to provide the best quality of life possible.

Review Documents

Steps to Establish



Fiduciary management fee charged at the monthly rate of 0.0625% based on the balance at the end of the month

No administrative fees during lifetime of beneficiary

First $25,000 transfers to Exempt Fund at death
Remaining balance distributed according to trust document

*See current fee schedule for more information.

When to set up a special needs trust for my child?

It is best to plan in advance to ensure that your loved one can receive assets that they are entitled to, and those funds can provide the means to pay for life-enhancing purchases that their benefits do not provide.

You can establish the trust within your Will or draft a trust document to fund the trust during your lifetime. Most Donors set up the trust as part of an estate plan where the Donor names the trust as beneficiary of an inheritance, life insurance policy, other cash asset/s or monetary gifts.

You must submit all documents to NYSARC for review and approval. NYSARC can provide your attorney with appropriate trust language upon request.

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Case Study

Preserve Public Benefits

Mr. and Mrs. Smith have spent years caring for their son, Willie, who was born with developmental disabilities. Now they would like to put some funds aside for his future use.

The NYSARC Unrestricted Fund is a third-party pooled fund that allows parents and loved ones to provide a sum of money that can be used to enhance the life of their loved one with intellectual or developmental disabilities without causing an interruption in the benefits that he or she is receiving.

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