Community Trust I

Pooled Trust for Asset Protection

Community Trust I is a pooled supplemental needs trust (SNT) for people with disabilities who have excess resources or monthly income that puts them over the financial limits to be eligible for means-tested government benefits, including Medicaid and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). If you receive money directly or you have money that could put your benefits at risk, a pooled trust is a great option to avoid having to spend down funds quickly or on unnecessary things in order to maintain your eligibility for services.

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Steps to Establish

Fee Calculator

Financial Management
Admin Cost
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Pooled Trust

Funded with Excess Money

A pooled trust can help a person protect funds such as:

  • a direct inheritance
  • settlement proceeds, lump sum or structured payments
  • retroactive benefit payments
  • child support or alimony payments
  • resources accrued from Disabled Adult Child (DAC) Benefits
  • monthly income spend-down for Medicaid

Benefits of a Pooled Trust

  • Usually more affordable to set up and maintain than a standalone special needs trust
  • Professionally trained non-profit manages the funds, so you don’t need to find a trustee
  • Trust managed by experienced non-profit that understands the rules of Medicaid and SSI
  • Low minimum funding requirements (open with as little as $300)
  • People over age 65 can participate*
  • Establish quickly because documents are approved by Medicaid/SSA
  • Personalized service from dedicated team
  • A financial institution serves as co-trustee to manage trust investments
  • Funds pooled for investment and management purposes

*Additions to a pooled trust after the age of 65 may result in a transfer penalty for recipients of SSI benefits and/or Medicaid long-term care services.

Case Study

Over the limit for SSI?

James just received a retroactive Social Security benefit for $10,000 and he needs to get the funds out of his name in order to maintain his financial eligibility for SSI.

He opens a Community Trust I account to deposit the check into the trust. This way he can keep his benefits and these funds can be used throughout his lifetime rather than being spent down quickly to avoid reducing his benefits.

Case Study

Working with a Disability

Joe lives in an IRA and has a job at the local grocery store. He really enjoys the freedom that having a job gives him, but he also needs the services and medical care he receives through Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Medicaid.

He has always enjoyed going to the movies and usually spends his wages going a couple of times a month. But, he recently got a bonus at work and his personal account has grown beyond the $2,000 limit. By opening up a Community Trust account, he can make deposits when he needs to spend-down funds to maintain his eligibility for SSI. Now he can save this money for a larger expense in the future.

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