Steps to Switch to NYSARC Trust Services

NYSARC Trust Services is a family-led, mission-driven non-profit that has been a leader in trust administration since 1972. We have helped thousands of people in every county of New York protect their financial eligibility for benefits while preserving their income and assets to improve their quality of life.

Follow these steps to switch from an existing pooled income trust to NYSARC Trust Services:

Step 1) Contact NYSARC

Call (518) 439-8323 or email to discuss why you are looking to make a switch. You will immediately experience our compassionate and reliable customer service. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we will answer your questions and guide you to make this a smooth transition.

Still undecided? Learn what sets NYSARC apart from other pooled trusts.

Step 2) Establish an Account with NYSARC Trust Services

Download the documents and forms you need to get started or request to have the documents sent to you.

Complete the Joinder Agreement, attach supporting documents, and set up monthly Electronic Deposits of your spend-down. Please note on the JA or cover letter that you are switching from another pooled income trust and NYSARC will waive the $200 enrollment fee.

Visit Join the Trust for current requirements to apply.

Submit Documents to NYSARC: by email, by fax (518) 439-2670, or mail to PO Box 1531 Latham, NY 12110

Step 3) Stop Deposits with Previous Trust and Close Account

Contact your previous pooled trust to close your account and stop future deposits. Be sure to set up deposits with NYSARC, so that you do not lose benefits by missing a monthly spend-down payment. It is important to obtain a Verification of Deposit (VOD) from the old trust, which you will need for your next Medicaid recertification.

If you have a balance with the current trust, you can submit disbursement requests to spend the remaining balance and close the account. You may also request to transfer the remaining balance as a disbursement to the NYSARC, Inc. Community Trust fbo [Beneficiary’s Name].

Step 4) Send Documents to Medicaid LDSS/HRA

It is critical that you inform Medicaid that you have changed your pooled trust by submitting the trust documents to your Local Department of Social Services or Human Resource Administration (LDSS/HRA) and your MLTC, if applicable.

The individual noted on question 13 of the Joinder is responsible for sending the executed JA and Acceptance Letter to the appropriate agencies. Upon request, NYSARC will send these documents directly to Medicaid when you provide the contact details for the Medicaid office, recipient name, and fax or email.

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