PLEASE NOTE: The funding procedure for new accounts has changed. New accounts can now fund a trust by mailing a check directly to the bank or by a one-time electronic deposit. See instructions.

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Pooled Income Trust Medicaid

Community Trust II: for Medicaid Spend-down

Community Trust II is a pooled supplemental needs trust (SNT) that allows people with disabilities and older adults seeking home care and other long-term care services to spend-down monthly income that exceeds the Medicaid financial limits.

This trust program enables people with disabilities to utilize this portion of their income, which Medicaid would otherwise require to be "spent down on medical needs", to pay for living expenses such as rent, utility bills, food, clothing, and other personal needs that are for the sole benefit of the beneficiary.

Trust Documents:

Joinder Agreement (trust application)
Fee Schedule
Information and Procedures

Trust Application Download

How does a pooled trust work?

The income you deposit into a pooled trust is disregarded when determining Medicaid eligibility each month, thereby allowing you to qualify for Community Medicaid services, including home care and other long-term care needs. Funds in the pooled trust are then used to pay your monthly living expenses so that you can afford to get care in the community for as long as possible.

Upon the beneficiary's death, the remaining balance in the account is retained by the trust to support other people with disabilities served by The Arc New York.

Watch this video to learn how this beneficiary used a pooled trust to qualify for Medicaid and get care at home!

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